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YesBut Vegballs, our Pea Protein Balls, Gluten Free, Soya Free, rich in Fiber and in Protein, are presented in 240 g bags with 20 pieces.
They include onion, spices like coriander, lovage, black pepper, caramelized sugar…


Ready for a Recipe with YesBut Vegballs in tasty tomato-sauce, featuring with fresh vegan mozarella?
And prepared under 15 minutes…


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Rehydrated pea protein (EU) 67 %, onion, rapeseed oil, fiber (pea), thickeners (E461, E407a), flavour
spices (garlic, coriander, black pepper), iodised salt, caramelized sugar, potassium chloride.

Nutrition declaration / 100 g:
-Energy: 905 Kj / 216 Kcal
-Fat: 15.00 g
of which saturated fat: 0.90 g
of which monounsaturated fat: 7.50 g
of which polyunsaturated fat acids: 4.50 g
-Carbohydrate: 4.60 g
of which sugars: 0.90 g
-Protein: 15.00 g
-Fibre: 4.10g
-Salt: 1.10 g
-Sodium: 420 mg
-Lactose: 0.00 g

Preservation conditions:
-Storage temperature: min. -30 ºC; max -18 ºC
-Storage instruction: FROZEN, the product must be stored: – at freezer temperature (-18 °C or colder) – See Best Before date. Once thawed, the roduct may not be re-frozen.

Expire Date:
-Best Months / Days: 12/360

Heat the balls frozen or partially thawed – in a skillet at low heat for c.10 min. – in a 225 °C
oven for 10 min. – in a microwave oven (800 W) for 1.5 min/ 4 balls.

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