Veggenuggets. YesBut foods, vegan foods.
Veggenuggets. YesBut foods, vegan foods.
Veggenuggets. YesBut foods, vegan foods.


YesBut Vegenugget Mexican soy protein nuggets are presented in 240 g bags. Crispy vegetable nugget which consisting of pepper, jalapeno and Soy protein.

Nuggets with Chilli Sauce?
Of course, that’s an easy recipe to prepare with only natural products and our great Vegenuggets!

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Rehydrated SOYprotein 39%, red pepper, rapeseed oil, gluten-free breadcrumbs (rice flour, chickpea flour
corn starch, salt, dextrose), coconut oil, jalapeno, modified corn starch, pea starch, spices (garlic,
nutmeg, white pepper, black pepper, lovage root), thickeners (E461, E407a, E415), nutritional yeast flake

Nutrition declaration / 100 g:
-Energy: 930 Kj / 230 Kcal
-Fat: 15.00 g
of which saturated: 4.00 g
of which polyunsaturated fat acids: 3.70
-Carbohydrate: 15 g
of which sugars: 1.2 g
-Fibre: 5.40g
-Protein: 8.50 g
-Salt: 0.90 g
-Sodium: 360 mg
-Lactose: 0.00 g

Preservation conditions:
-Storage temperature: min. -30 ºC; max -18 ºC
-Storage instruction: -18 °C or colder. Once thawed, the product may not be re-frozen. FROZEN, the product must be stored: – at freezer temperature (-18 °C or colder) – See Best Before date – in a refrigerator freezer compartment (-6 °C) – 5 days – storage in a refrigerator or at room temperature is not recommended

Expire Date:
-Best Months / Days: 12/360

Heat nuggets in the pan, oven or microwave. In a pan: fry with the mild heat approx. 2 min
on both sides. Oven 225 °C 8-10 min. Microwave (800 W) 4 pcs / 60 sec.

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